Suitable Storage Media For Large Amounts Of Data

Your information is of great value given the amount of time and effort that you put in to create it. It is therefore important for you to consider how best you can store the information so that you can easily retrieve it in case it gets lost. There are many ways in which information can be lost. You can lose your information if your computer hard disc crushes or if there is a virus attack. A fire or a flood can damage your computer or it can get stolen. You therefore need to back up all your information and you can do this through the use of LTO 5 tapes.

LTO 5 products

LTO refers to linear tape open technology which is a data storage technology that uses magnetic tape. It uses an open standard which means that LTO products from different manufacturers are all compatible with one another. LTO 5 products were introduced into the market in the year 2010. The storage capacity of compressed data is 3TB while maximum storage capacity of data that is not compressed is 1.5TB. The transfer rate of compressed data is 280 Mb/s while that of data that is not compressed is 140 Mb/s. This means that the compression ratio is 2:1.

Advancement In Technology

The LTO technology is released into the market in generations, starting from the first generation which became available in the year 2000. The purpose of the roadmap is to show the goals and objectives of each generation. Each generation comes with improvements in the data storage capacity and the transfer rate. Some generations also improve on the compression rate.

There are also additional features that are added to each successive generation. In the fifth generation, partitioning was added in order to have better space management and file control through the linear tape file system (LTFS). One partition is used to write an index so that the drive can easily find the location of a file. The other partition is used for storing data. The tape can then be read by any computer which has the LTFS software.

The Uses Of LTO 5

Due to the high storage capacity of LTO 5 tapes, they are suitable for holding large amounts of data. You can use the tapes when you need to store data for a long time. Tape is one of the most cost effective methods of storing large amounts of data. They use very little power and you do not require much storage space.

There are certain laws that govern the type of data which companies should have in storage. If you are a business owner, the tape technology will enable you to comply with data storage regulations. Tape is portable and you can therefore save all your important data and then store it offsite to ensure that it remains safe. You can also be assured of the safety of your data as the risk of virus attacks is limited since the data is saved offline.

You can increase the capacity of your data storage by simply purchasing more tapes. This is not the case with disks where you have to buy new hardware in order to increase the storage capacity of data.